|| This workshop will be held in English, our host is from over the seas ||

We all want abundance. Abundance of food, technology, means. Can we consume as much as we want to, whenever we want to? How do our choices affect other people around the world? How can we strengthen our societal awareness without compromising the advantages of progress?

☆If these thoughts or similar are crossing your mind – this session is meant for you.☆

“Sustainability for All” is an interactive session over a cup of coffee. Together we will understand how each one of us – starting from today – can play an important role in improving the world around us, by creating a more equal, just and sustainable society.

By the end of the workshop you will:
☆Get familiar with the topic of Social Sustainability
☆Learn the powerful and useful tool of the Sustainability Principles – guidelines to craft decisions and actions with a minimum harm to human society and the environment
☆Build the initial and immediate stepping stones to take action of your own…

WHO is this HOST?
Davida is a social strategist and a processes facilitator. The founder of Be the Change: Inspiring global change through embodiment of change.
Davida has a masters degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) from Sweden, and a strong passion to explore together with people how to unleash our power for creating a positive impact. Living in a Kibbutz community in Israel with her husband Tomer and three young curious human beings.

Practical matters
Time: Mondau 29th of February, open 19:30, start workshop 20:00.
Location: In De Ruimte (IDR), Oudegracht 230 aan de werf, Utrecht
Language: ENGLISH spoken
Contributions: €5 per workshop. Or €25 to go to all the workshops in the next 2 months. With this we share the costs of location and material.