This workshop is the continuation of the workshop Finding Deeper Connection we had on 17th of February. Some of the things we learned from the last workshop is that we need to explore the meaning of connection together, and we need to be in a certain state of authenticity to connect with others on a deeper level. We talked about our needs for connectedness and why is it important, and we had a moment of learning from what has worked for us in the past.

This workshop is both inspired by the insights and discoveries from the last one, and it stands on its own. Whether or not you participated in the first one, you are welcome to join us in this introspective exploration of who we are when we are truly connected and how we each of us can become an instigator of powerful personal connections. By the end of the workshop you will have created a practice or action for yourself, that will support you in the way you establish connections with others to make them more personal and powerful.

My name is Zlatina and I will be your host in this journey of discovering your personal power in creating powerful personal connections. I am myself on a journey to discover how to connect with people as I am moving a lot and in every new city I need to meet people and build friendships starting from zero. I am also really curious about the ways people meet, interact, and fall in love because friends have reached out to me many times for advice and I have started observing patterns of what works and what does not. Hosting these workshops is an opportunity for myself to explore these patterns in more depth and discover ways to break the ones that do not work. Perhaps you would like to join me in this exploration?

Practical matters
Time: Wednesday 23th of March, open 19:30, start workshop 20:00.
Location: Knowmads, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 64, Amsterdam
Language: English spoken.
Contributions: €5 per workshop. With this we share the costs of location and material.