Art of Hosting has always been a large part of De Universiteit. It is no surprise that two of our co-founders – Joost and Marien – are part of the hosting team of the upcoming Art of Hosting training in the Netherlands focused on learning and education: Your IDEAL Classroom 2014!

Have a look at the invite. It’s an awesome training!


Your IDEAL Classroom 2014 is a response to the pressures and limitations that many educators face nowadays. Lack of time, unsuitable learning spaces, inflexible curricula and demotivation are just on the tip of the iceberg.

With your IDEAL Classroom we create space for passionate educators who feel the urgency to innovate their teaching practices and find new energy in learning together with like-minded professionals.

We explore innovation in teaching through simple and effective tools. We invite participants to design, co-host and practice the IDEAL Classroom while learning in a collaborative way and dig in the core questions: How can we redesign the craft & purpose of teaching? How can we harness the learning capacity of our classrooms? What does teaching mean to you?

What can you expect?
Some of the collaborative learning approaches that inspired us, and which you will have the opportunity to learn are:

*Open Space Technology
*Pro-action Café
*World café
*Appreciative inquiry
*The four-fold practice of participatory leaderhip
*The chaordic path to innovative solutions
* Reflective practice

What is in it for you?
You can discover new insights in the practices, and experiences shared at IDEAL. Meet kindred spirits. Develop your ability to create engaging learning environments for the new generation. Become adaptive and creative, while stretching the learning impact of your teaching.

In Your IDEAL Classroom you become familiar with new teaching tools and learning methods. You explore alternative ways on how to combine these new tools with the existing (conventional) learning scenarios.

After following Your IDEAL Classroom, we hope that you feel empowered as a practitioner and reconnected with your mission as a passionate educator and inspiring host of your IDEAL classroom.

What is in it for your educational institution?
Introducing collaborative learning means that your organisation opens up to new trends in education and teaching, while finding practical strategies to incorporate them in your learning culture.

Joining our programme will allow your team to discover new teaching and learning practices so that your school stays on trend.

Finally, you explore how to take feasible steps which can allow you to become a school that never stops learning.​

Day 1: Introduction to art-of-hosting. Exploring the questions that matter to you in education. During the first day we will introduce art-of-hosting methods. At the same time we invite you to explore a critical question which you want to have answered at the end of the training.

Day 2: The field of practice. The educator / the student as a host. During the second day, you will be practicing (art of) hosting methods as you and other participants explore your questions and case studies.

Day 3: Designing your IDEAL learning scenarios.We will dedicate the last day to designing your ideal learning scenario. The main aim is to connect your learning to a project or a case, and find practical answers that can support you in continuing developing your IDEAL classroom.

Educators, independent trainers, course developers, programme managers, policy makers, coordinators, mentors, PhD’s and students.

The 3-day training in April will take place at Eigen Wijze, a former farm and beautiful location in Flevoland (near the border of Overijsel, Friesland and Noordoostpolder).

The price includes materials, accomodation and two nights in a cozy home (with shared bathroom). It also includes three meals a day made with organic and local ingredients, free coffee and tea. The fees are exclusive of 21% VAT/BTW.

Standard: € 990
Reduced: € 790 
Students/PhD: € 390

We believe that people should give what they can and ask for what they need. If price is a barrier for you, please talk to us and let’s see what we can do together. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for the possiblities

Alternatively, if you can, please pay more and support others to come along!